Rights and Quality of the Built Environment

Hoca: Jamel Akbar

Human societies whether within Capitalism, Socialism or Islam, manifested diverse humans’ and properties’ rights. Regarding urbanization, built environments would have different qualities depending on the enjoyment of such right by the acting parties whether they were governmental agents, institutions, companies or even individuals. At the heart of such rights for example is control. The mayor who does not own the park may control it; however, he may not control a rented apartment in which he lives. This is an extreme example. Another example is: what is the limit of users’ control over their gated community against the municipality? Such questions cannot be answered without observing change in the built environment, i.e., physical change, change of functions or use, etc. Such observations would delineate the limits of the claim of control, use and ownership in the three doctrines. The course will also question rights to access to resources, knowledge and permissions (to name only three examples), to compare the impact of the different models of rights on the quality of the built environments. Such exercise would allow us to propose possible solutions to our current global problems such as poverty and sustainability. 


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16 Mart 2019 16:00 İlmi Etüdler Derneği
23 Mart 2019 16:00 İlmi Etüdler Derneği
30 Mart 2019 16:00 İlmi Etüdler Derneği
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