Jamel Akbar

Jamel Akbar is a Professor at Fatih Sultan Mehmet Vakif University. He holds B. Arch. from King Saud University, Saudi Arabia; M.Arch.A.S. and PhD. from MIT. He was at King Faisal University for over 25 years. His theoretical contributions are in the field of the built environment. His major contribution is in measuring the quality of the built environment by investigating human’s and properties’ rights. His latest book (Qas ul-Haq) which concentrated on economic principles by comparing rights in different cultures such as access to resources, developed conclusions regarding equity, justice, efficiency, production modes, power structures and social settings and their ramifications on the quality of life and built environment. Jamel Akbar won the First King Fahd Award for Architectural Research in the Muslim World and the First Award of the Organization of Islamic Capitals and Cities